Panorama door 40/60 mm

Maximum transparency without vertical profiles

The Panorama door is an ALU door available in 40 mm or 60 mm versions. What makes the door so special is that panels do not have vertical dividers, providing a wide panoramic view. The high-quality Plexiglas is extra thick and extra strong, hardly distorts and looks just like real glass. All these features result in the windows being naturally reflective and looking highly attractive.



Plexiglas Optical

The Panorama door is available in a maximum width of 4,000 mm and a maximum height of 4,500 mm. The Panorama doors look particularly good in buildings that are designed to be appealing, but are just as important where light and visibility matter. The special thing about the high quality Plexiglas Optical is that it looks just like real glass but has the added safety of plastic. The Plexiglas Optical windows are available in 20 mm double glazing and in 40 mm triple glazing.

Panorama 40 mm

Panorama door 40 mm

Double Plexiglas

Optical 20 mm

(4 -12-4 mm)

U-value of the Panorama door 40:

4,000 x 4,000 mm:

4,35 W/m²K

Panorama 60 mm

Panorama door 60 mm

Triple Plexiglas

Optical 40 mm

(4-14,75-2,5-14,75-4 mm)

U-value of the Panoramic door 60:

4,000 x 4,000 mm:

2,45 W/m²K