Type PMK

Mechanical cushion seal dock shelter

The PROMStahl PMK dock seal is designed for loading and unloading truck fleets consisting of vehicles almost identical in width and height. It guarantees perfect protection from draught, rain and wind and thus prevents energy losses.

The dock seal is equipped with a horizontal cushion and two vertical cushions consisting of foam material completely covered by a PVC-coated high-resistance Trevira fabric. The dimensions of the dock seals are defined depending on the individual characteristics of your loading bay and the vehicle types to be loaded/unloaded i.e. your PROMStahl dock seal is always tailor-made.


The PMK dock shelter is pre-mounted and consists of just three parts; therefore, it can be mounted to the façade very fast and easily. Considerable savings regarding time and money are the decisive advantages of this design.

Technical drawing
  Standard dimensions
Nominal width (NW) 2.600, 2.800
Nominal height (NH) 2.500, 2.700, 2.900
Cushion cross section (A) 300 x 300
Top curtain height (B) 600
Installation height (MH) 4.100 (recommandation)

All dimensions in mm.

Other sizes available upon request. Plan material in black.