Type PWI2

Inflatable dock shelter

PROMStahl’s series of inflatable dock shelters combines optimum sealing with the greatest possible variety of applications. The inflatable side and top cushions provide airtight contact with the vehicle. This type of shelter is thus ideal for temperature-controlled warehouses to seal against summer heat, winter cold, draught, dust and insects. The results are substantial savings on energy, improved working environment, production and safety. Moreover, the shelter reduces the possibility of unauthorized personnel entering the warehouse through the loading bay doorway, hence considerably reducing loss through theft. The inflatable top and side cushions not only guarantee optimum sealing but also automatically adapt to the truck measurements. This feature means that trucks of varying sizes can be sealed effectively. Offering a very good payback period PROMStahl dock shelters are a highly cost-effective investment.

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Aesthetic and practical advantages

The top-quality materials used by PROMStahl are extremely durable. The inflatable dock shelters are made of high-grade ‘Cordura’, a material that has many favourable qualities, including excellent tear resistance, good colour fastness and strong resistance to damp and mould formation.

The front and the rear frame of PROMStahl dock shelters consist of extruded aluminium sections. The lateral frame is particularly robust and consists of insulated panels (thickness: 40 mm). Since PROMStahl’s inflatable dock shelters are already pre-mounted (they are delivered in just three parts), installation of this type of dock shelter is very fast and easy. Considerable cost and time savings are the advantages of this design. Moreover, this dock shelter combines the best possible sealing effects with aesthetics and function.


Additional plus points

PROMStahl’s inflatable dock shelters are available in two different versions. With the first version the PWI2 is mounted to the loading bay; in this case the warehouse floor and the vehicle lorry bed have approximately the same height (available with an outer height of 3.600 mm and 4.000 mm). An installation height of 4.700 mm is recommended.

Since there are also loading situations without a ramp, we developed a second version of our dock shelter PWI2 (outer height 4.700 mm).

When not in use (i.e. not inflated), the cushions are hidden behind the front curtains (consisting of 3-mm PVC) so that the lorry driver has a perfect view of the loading area during the docking process. As soon as the vehicle is in the shelter, the cushions are inflated within 11 seconds making a tight seal with the sides and top of the vehicle body. After the loading/unloading process the cushions are deflated in just 25 seconds.

Furthermore, the cushions cannot get into the lorry opening like it is common with the curtain-type dock shelters. Consequently, an optimal accessibility of the lorry bed as well as a maximum operating range on the ramp can be guaranteed. For dock shelters up to an outer height of 4.700 mm integrated inflatable rear bottom cushions are standard resulting in optimum sealing of the whole system.

Power supply system: Protection IP 55, 230/400 V - 50 Hz.

Technical drawing
3.500, 3.600 3.600, 4.000, 4.700 920, 1.220 1.350, 1.750


All dimensions in mm.

NW = Nominal width, NH = Nominal height, ND = Nominal depth, D = Height of top seal (inflated), MH = Installation height (recommendation 4.700 mm).

*Console (option) only for outside height (3.600 and 4.000 mm). Plan material in black.