ISO sectional door

ISO sectional doors are designed and manufactured with the latest technology. They are of solid workamshop and characterized by incomparable quality. The end covers and reinforcing profiles are made of anodized aluminium. Even invisible elements, such as a solid bottom profile, are anodized. With a top profile of anodized aluminium available in different height versions, an ISO sectional door will always fir perfectly. 


All these features make the ISO sectional doors top quality durable products distinguished by their appearance, thermal insulation properties and structural performance. They can constitute an element of the most modern architectural designs that will always comply with technical requirements concerning safety and user-friendly operation. The ISO sectional doors can be controlled manually or electrically.   



A lot of advantages of the ISO sectional doors speak for themselves:


  • excellent thermal insulation and sound-proof properties in combination with modern panels of a micro-profile structure

  • a wide range of different light transmitting and visual effect components

  • panels available in various colours of RAL, NCS and Sikkens palettes

  • wicket and side doors can be installed in the sectional doors

  • high quality firm and durable finish

  • tailor-made design, i.e. the door will always perfectly fit

  • the doors comply with the valid technical requirements concerning safety and user-friendly operation

  • possible choice between manual and electric control, depending on the intensity of use


The ISO sectional doors fully comply with the requirements of EN 13241-1 and hold a TÜV-NORD approval. The high quality sectional doors fit in very well with modern design of utility facilities.


ISO sectional door 40 mm

PROMStahl’s all-rounder

ISO sectional door 60 mm

The effective separation between climate zones