ISO Sectional door 40 mm

PROMStahl’s all-rounder

The ISO 40 mm sectional door is PROMStahl’s most popular door, a modern design that unifies excellent thermal insulation and sound absorbing qualities in its micro-profiled panels. The choice of design and materials are endless, which means the door can always be perfectly configured to meet your wishes. Numerous types of built-in windows as

well as different heights and widths make up the ISO 40 mm range, as well as a variety of 19 standard PROMStahl’s in-house RAL colours.



Flexibility is everything

ISO 40 mm sectional doors are designed and manufactured using the very latest technology. Their finish is robust and detailed, as demonstrated by the metal or aluminium end caps, the reinforcement profiles and the anodized aluminium sub-profiles which cannot be seen from the outside. Flexibility is everything in the manufacturing process, and it is a true all-rounder that perfectly combines price, performance and application options.