Our dock shelters.
Protection. Comfort. Safety.

Our universal deck shelters ensure perfect sealing of free spaces between the building and the docked vehicle. Thus, they protect your products against weather conditions and allow you to save energy cost. These are delivered as initially mounted system units for user-friendly, easy and cheap installation.


By deciding to purchase PROMStahl products, you make a right choice: innovative product development works, individual planning, competent advisors, certified production and professional assembly, as well as reliable service and regular maintenance of your equipment are integral parts of our assortment. Take advantage of our expertise we have gained over a number of years. 


New: Mechanical dock shelter with parallel guide system and eaves edge

Type PMV

Mechanical dock shelter

Type PMN

Alcove-mounted curtain-type dock shelter


Mechanical dock shelter with side cushions

Type PWI2

Inflatable dock shelter

Type PMK

Mechanical cushion seal dock shelter