ALU Sectional door 60 mm

The innovative door with even more insulation

The ALU 60 mm sectional door is a modern innovation that excels in terms of design, function and ease of assembly. The 60 mm thick ALU sectional door comes with triple glazing and guarantees excellent heat insulation, anti-condensation and sound-absorbing properties. It’s the perfect solution for rooms where light, visibility and a constant indoor climate are essential.



Special insulation profiles

The ALU 60 mm door is twice as thick as the ALU 40 mm door and consists of two aluminium profiles that are thermally separated by special insulation profiles. The door has an extremely low U-value, even though it is fitted with glazing. The ALU 60 mm sectional door is particularly suited to industrial facilities where illumination is of the utmost importance, as are excellent insulation and optimal energy savings.