ALU Sectional door 40 mm

When natural light and visibility matter

In industrial environments where light and visibility are of paramount importance, the PROMStahl ALU 40 mm sectional door proves to be indispensable. The door panel of an ALU door consists of multiple sections, and thanks to the special-sized aluminium profiles, frames can be manufactured that have a very wide range of uses. Be bold and combine transparent, coloured, insulating or air-permeable windows with aluminium cassette panels. Anything is possible.



Be adventurous with windows

ALU 40 mm sectional doors can be equipped with plastic window frames of various levels of quality and with different insulation values, colors and structures. Go for coloured glass or hollow-core plates, play with the divisions or combine various ISO panels with the ALU sections for a great result. Thanks to the plethora of design and application options, the ALU 40 mm sectional door is particularly useful if you want to combine an attractive design with optimal light transmittance.