Laterally slidable drawbridge leveller with aluminium segments

The laterally slidable drawbridge leveller is a new product of PROMStahl’s wide product range. It is suited for internal as well as for external docks and is used if small or medium differences in height between the dock edge and the lorry bed are to be compensated for. The drawbridge leveller is guided in a rail fixed to the head of the ramp and can be moved laterally. The PPVA leveller can be delivered for the most common competitor profiles, i.e. complicated and cost- effective replacement of existing guide rails is not necessary. The leveller’s weight is compensated for by means of pressure springs so that the PPVA can be operated without any problems by one person only. For a nominal width and a nominal length of 2.000 mm the drawbridge leveller is always equipped with 2 operating rods to allow operation by two persons. When not in use the leveller is fixed in vertical position at the ramp edge and locked in this position by means of an automatic safety device. All steel parts of the PPVA leveller are available hot-dip galvanized. Moreover, the PPVA version is provided with a segmented aluminium lip which guarantees a perfect adaption to vehicles even if they are not perfectly positioned.


The PPVA PROMStahl drawbridge leveller meets the latest requirements of the European standard EN 1398.

Technical drawing

1 = Platform

2 = Aluminium segments

3 = Pressure spring unit

4 = Operating rod

5 = Safety device

6 = Ramp head

7 = Guide rail

1.250 1.500, 1.750, 2.000 175 245
1.500 1.500, 1.750, 2.000 225 295
1.750 1.500, 1.750, 2.000 265 340
2.000 1.500, 1.750, 2.000 310 390


All dimensions in mm. Load capacity for all sizes: 60 kN.

NL = Nominal length, NW = Nominal width, A = Lev. equal. above dock, B = Lev. equal. below dock