PROMStahl GmbH

Innovation is an essential basis for effective loading technique to meet future requirements. Therefore, owing to its convincing assortment of innovative loading solutions, PROMStahl clearly sets current and future standards.


The company feels obliged to offer its customers optimum added value by providing them with loading solutions which completely meet their demands. At the same time, quality, safety, energy performance, durability, reliability, cost-efficiency and sustainable development constitute a reference standard for all operations. Research and development, constant product improvement in strict cooperation with a customer are core competencies specific for PROMStahl employees. Starting from consultancy up to post-sales services, a technical consultant responsible for a design is always present at all construction sites.


As a global market participant, PROMStahl has also a wide distribution and service network. With its professional knowledge supported by many years of experience, PROMStahl offers loading technique and steel structure products. Owing to its exceptionally strong position on the loading solution market and passionate commitment, the company was able to establish a long standing relationship with leading enterprises.


In addition to the loading technique with accessories in all variants, the product quotation includes a full assortment of industrial doors. With the latest production technique and high quality of workmanship, the offer of the industrial doors ensures a high level of performance and economic benefits just like the loading technique.