New: Type PMVS
Mechanical dock shelter with parallel guide system and eaves edge

The mechanical dock shelter PMVS is a new product of PROMStahl’s wide product range. Various dimensions of warehouse openings and of the docked vehicles result in gaps which have to be sealed in the best possible way.

More informations

The front and rear frame of the PROMStahl dock shelter consist of high-strength, weather-resistant steel profiles that are connected to each other by articulated arms. The curtain is 3 mm thick, made of highly wear and tear resistant double-layer PVC-coated cloth and mounted on the flexible frame. Thanks to the adaptable roof and the parallel guide systems the front structure moves backward in the case of inaccurate docking, hence preventing damage to the dock shelter. The front part of the dock shelter is provided with warning stripes to facilitate the docking process. Thanks to the special roof construction and the eaves edge, the rainwater is laterally drained from the centre of the roof to the right or left.


The standard version of the dock shelter is provided with a slit in the left and right-hand corner. Partially or completely slit top curtains are available at little surcharge.


The PMVS dock shelter is pre-mounted and consists of just three parts; therefore, it can be mounted to the façade very fast and easily. Considerable savings regarding time and money are the decisive advantages of this design.

Technical drawing
3.250 3.200, 3.400, 3.500, 3.600 600 1.000 600
3.300 3.200, 3.400, 3.500, 3.600 600 1.000 600
3.400 3.200, 3.400, 3.500, 3.600 600 1.000 600
3.450 3.200, 3.400, 3.500, 3.600 600 1.000 700


All dimensions in mm.
NW = Nominal width, NH = Nominal height, ND = Nominal depth, MH = Installation height (recommendation 4.600 mm), A = Top curtain height, B = Side curtain width.
Other sizes available upon request. Plan material in black.