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Open door day in Bydgoszcz and Koronowo – Projprzem Group organises international meeting

For the inauguration of a new showroom and technical training centre, the Companies Projprzem SA, PROMStahl GmbH and PROMStahl Polska had invited their agents, suppliers and customers to an open door day on 21st May 2015 in Poland. The day started out with tri-lingual presentations held by the Managing Directors of the parent Company and of the two subsidiaries; these presentations informed the participants in detail about the Companies’ history, their activities and the future strategy. The “theoretical” part was followed by a visit of the production site and of the new showroom and training centre. Individual products and complete docking stations were presented and – if wished – explained in detail. To combine business with pleasure the final point on the agenda was a common dinner in a restaurant in Bydgoszcz. We would like to thank all our guests for participating in this special event and are looking forward to our future cooperation.



Once again the R+T Fair proved to be an absolute success for PROMStahl! This year’s Motto was “Safety and Innovation”.

Our new products PSS and PTS (hydraulic hinge lip dock leveller and hydraulic telescopic lip leveller with integrated fall guard protection) were of particular interest to our visitors.

New Product PSS
New Product PTS

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