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Quality has a new name

PROMStahl sets new standards in docking technology.

PROMStahl is your partner when it comes to innovative product design, customized planning and competent consulting.

PROMStahl is a globally renowned expert in the field of docking technology. Continuous optimization of proved technologies and the development of new products lead to innovative, sophisticated and cost-efficient systems for your individual docking situation.


Perfect quality results from certified production procedures, professional installation, reliable service and regular maintenance of your docking systems.

From Hanover into the world!

Together with its international sales and service partners, PROMStahl operates on a worldwide basis. Our customers all over the world benefit from our expertise and the long and extensive experience of our docking specialists in Gehrden near Hanover. Since 2010 PROMStahl has been expanding into the international markets. PROMStahl docking systems are available in many countries all over the world.


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PROMStahl GmbH

Ronnenberger Straße 20
D-30989 Gehrden

Telephone: +49 (0)5108 879 270
Fax: +49 (0)5108 879 2710

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